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Meet Hope

Adventures in travel, art, & life.


Ever since I was a child I have loved snooping through my great-grandmother’s belongings in my mother’s basement and garage. Each time I go digging I find something new and enthralling to whisk me away in my own imagination. Hand-painted china, fabrics, costume jewelry, doll molds, various textures and patterns, china dolls, ceramic and glass figurines, paintings, books, furniture, oh my. I’m in heaven. 


Among all these fascinating items I found late 19th and early 20th Century photographs and stories. They are that of untold familial histories from my own family and others. Without the aid of the worn stories scattered throughout I would not have been able to tell who I was actually blood related to. So I asked myself; does it matter if you’re blood related to still feel a sense of connection with these individuals? No. No, it didn’t. I have taken to adopting these families, and others that are abandoned, or sold, at estate and garage sales. With the photographs in mind, I develop these almost forgotten narratives and incomplete truths about our ancestors into fictionalized characters and false histories.

From these characters and false histories the Adopted Family Series and The Dinosaur Collection were developed. 


Hope Thier received her Master of Arts in 2014 and Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012 from Minnesota State University-Mankato. She is a recipient of the 2014 Toy Wilson Blethen Fine Arts Award, Nadine B. Andreas Graduate Teaching Assistantship, several juried awards from exhibitions around the Midwest, two Undergraduate Research Creative grants, ITW Foundation Scholarship, and the Mary Sugden Endowment Scholarship in Painting. She has exhibited around the Midwest, on the West Coast, and has work in several collections. 


Raised in Moorhead, MN she moved to Marquette, MI for two years while attending school and then transferred to MNSU. She has taught at Minnesota State University-Mankato, the Arts Center of St. Peter, served as the Program Director for Twin Rivers Council for the Arts' festival Arts by the River, President for Student Art League for two years, and Art Educator/Assistant Director at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum for 5 years. Hope resides in Minnesota, USA.



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